11 Eyes Anime Review

Well here it is; the infamous 11 eyes anime. I was fairly warned about the trainreck I was about to review, but even while knowing this, this anime has surpassed my expectations; this is even worse than I thought I could ever be. Be afraid if you are to watch this anime, it’s plainly boring, and so all over the place the drama becomes matter of laughter.

I have nothing to defend this anime, there was not a single aspect I liked/loved or even appreciated in 11 eyes; this whole anime was like watching a plane crash, something horribly monstrous is happening, and there is nothing you can do but watch it happen (or close the video if you care about not wasting your time). There are spoilers in the review, so deal with it; it’s not even a good show so, who cares?

I had heard I was to expect some a really horrible anime, but nothing I was told prepared me for the boredom of the story in 11 eyes, this anime comes down to be two things, fighting and panties/breasts. Of it’ll try to fool you to make you think otherwise, but no, there is nothing more in this anime than that.

The story revolves around some highschoolers who get thrown in a red night parallel dimension with people trying to kill them. Why are they thrown into this? No one in the anime seems to really care about this question since it took the characters 10 episodes to ask this question, and the answer comes down to: because your life sucks and your just a ‘’victim’’ of fate. The whole story is frankly nothing more than a huge failure; there is nothing in the anime that makes the story worthwhile unless you’re really in the mood to watch something worth laughing at.

Speaking of witch, the anime tries to bring some drama in the mix, but it’s so ridiculous that the drama is simply funny more than anything. All its elements are unoriginal and cliché; making the anime a great big mess. It almost seems as if they tried to make this as painful as possible for everyone. If you’re a fan of bad love triangles and panty shots, with a dash of imbecile plots and retarded characters, then WAIT NO LONGER, if not, this will be your doom. Oh, and the ending was a terrible deus ex machine where everyone comes back to life and all is well that ends well, cool, right?!

The character in 11eyes were, without exception, irritating; whether it was the ‘’cool’’ all-knowing surpassingly powerful sword girl (who repetitively gets owned despite being one of the best swordsman in the world) to the girl with multiple personalities, nothing in all of the characters was good. All of them just seem to be there for the heck of it, either being a huge cliché in general or trying to make the plot advance to simply be killed off screen.

Watching the characters struggle to build a suitable story was just sad and the whole idea behind each character just felt beside the point, as if they tried to build characters after introducing them in the anime, It simply felt as if even the creators of the anime didn’t who the hell these characters were supposed to be, and only had them in the show to tag along for the occasional panty shot. Most of the characters do get some backstory, but most of it is just plain or makes no sense whatsoever, they introduce multidimensional things in the characters backstory and it just makes the whole thing fall apart.

Plus, the character abide to some pretty boring tropes and idioms, such as the yandere ‘’romance’’ option, giving us a crazed ass girlfriend who tries to kill a potential threat to her love life by dropping a razorblade in her tea… All in all, none of the characters lived up to be something even remotely good, and all of them just stole my time and wasted it.

The artwork was bland and uninteresting; there were also a lot of reused animation, making the anime visually repetitive and very hard to get hooked onto. And the music did not leave a very positive impression, as the sound effects and the music were reused a lot.

That’s just it folks, I have nothing to defend the anime, the story was horrible, the characters painful and bland, not to mention overly clichéd, the art was horrendous to see and the music well… was just boring. I strongly suggest you avoid this anime as much as possible since it seems it’s trying to be bad. I want to take a moment to mourn the poor scanlating teams that had to work on this… a moment of silence for their sacrifice.

Entertainment: 2/10
Value: 2/10
Total: 2/10
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